Runner Interference


runner interference dbl play

NFHS Rule 8-4-2 (g)

g. intentionally interferes with a throw or a thrown ball; or he hinders a fielder on his initial
attempt to field a batted ball. A fielder is not protected, except from intentional contact if he
misplays the ball and has to move from his original location; or his being put out is prevented by
an illegal act by anyone connected with the team (2-21-1, 3-2-2, 3-2-3) or by the batter-runner;
for runner returning to base (8-2-6); and for runner being hit by a batted ball (8-4-2k). If, in

the judgment of the umpire, a runner including the batter-runner interferes in any way and prevents a double play anywhere, two shall be declared out (the runner who interfered and the other runner involved).