Umpire Training Class

Cadet Umpire Training Classes 

Begin in January 2021.

If you have any questions about becoming a Baseball and/or Softball Cadet Umpire, the Independent Umpire Association of South Jersey can provide the training.  umpire trainingAs an organization we dedicate our members to work as professionals, with education and training programs throughout the year to train you how to become a better baseball and/or softball umpire in south jersey. The IUA is a New Jersey State certified organization within the NJSIAA.  We hold a new-class training program every year, which consists of highly educated umpires acting as instructors. We hold clinics for our members, conducted by our rules committee to continuously educate our members. IUA is a growing association that consists of more than 80 members and there is a place for anyone that would like to join. 

Please, click Contact Us or you can contact our president, Alan Zeidler, by email at or by phone at 856-769-2084. 

Thank You.

Yours truly, IUA Cadet Committee