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Our Mission

The IUA trains those interested in becoming a baseball or softball umpire in Southern New Jersey.  Since 1929, the Independent Umpires Association provides southern New Jersey high schools with quality umpires.  For instance, the IUA has 80 members who officiate all levels of High School and Independent Leagues.  Most importantly, the IUA is 1 of 15 chapters approved by the state of New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA)How to become a baseball umpire in south new jersey.

We service High School, American Legion, Adult and Youth leagues in southern New Jersey. Our mission as NJSIAA approved Baseball and Softball Umpires is to enforce safety and fair play for everyone. Throughout the spring and fall seasons, we follow the National Federation of High School (NFHS), Major League Baseball and NCAA rules. Primarily, our customers are scholastic (Varsity, JV, Middle School) along with Senior and Junior Legion.  Also, we service adult leagues and various youth programs throughout the state of New Jersey.

As an organization, we dedicate our members to work as professionals. Secondly, educational training programs throughout the year reinforce "how to become a better umpire".  In addition, we hold a new-class training program every year. Our instructors are highly educated umpires to teach you.  Also, IUA clinics are conducted by our rules committee to continuously educate our growing number of 80 members.  Consequently, there is a place for anyone that would like to join.  So, if you are interested in becoming a baseball or softball umpire in southern New Jersey, classes begin each January for the coming season.

Cadet Training Classes

Cadet classes are held each January through March. Cadets are trained in National Federation of High School, Professional and NCAA rules.  After successfully completing classroom training and testing, a cadet participates in on-the-field training sessions. After that, each Cadet is then assigned High School baseball and softball games while being observed umpire baseball plate conferenceand rated by experienced umpires. During your second year, members must attend mechanics classes. After two High School seasons, a Cadet is permitted to take the State Varsity exam.  Finally, every member of the IUA must pass a written exam to retain New Jersey State certification.

Become an Umpire

If you are interested in joining the IUA, please send your name and information by clicking, Contact Us, and someone will promptly respond to your request.

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